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Choosing an Accent Color

It's not always possible to find an exact color match for your bag's strap. But who's to say the color needs to match? We say it doesn't. And so do many Mautto customers. Here's how you can have some fun with colors...and make a fashion statement at the same time.

Accent leather straps shown on a customer's hand-painted bag.

With over 75 colors, plus 20 chain styles, finding a strap for your bag is easy. And fun!

Leather color options for strapsLeather color options for strapsLeather color options for straps

The possibilities are endless. Let us pique your interest...

Stylish & Elegant Color Combinations

These example color combinations complement each other well. Together, they form a stylish, yet elegant look that provides a unique and subtle boost of color...and fashion.

Stylish and Elegant Strap Color Combinations

Chic & Fashionable Color Combinations

Colorful and loud bags are plentiful! A brightly colored (and fashionable) bag is the perfect candidate for a true black, genuine leather strap. Here's just a few examples.

Chic and Fashionable Strap Color Combinations

Exotic & Fun Color Combinations

This is where our true colors come out! Combining a brightly colored bag with another bright or complementary color, creates a truly exotic and fun appearance. Get creative!

Exotic and Fun Strap Color Combinations

Sporty & Bright Color Combinations

Let your favorite sports team colors shine. Choose a strap color that – together with the bag's base color – forms the color combination you're so proud of. Go team!

Sporty and Bright Strap Color Combinations

Classy & Sophisticated Combinations

Perfect for a special night out, these combinations of chain straps paired with your bag's color, scream class and sophistication. They'll want to roll out the red carpet for you!

Classy and Sophisticated Strap Combinations

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you to find your own creative combinations.

Let's Accessorize!

With a few different colorful Mautto detachable straps in your accessory closet or wardrobe, you can pick the perfect strap for your perfect bag, outfit or occasion. Change out your strap like you would change a scarf or piece of jewelry to fit your mood. Feeling frisky? Add that Leopard Strap to your black bag for the night...oh, how fun!

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